Estate Admininstration Timeline

    Clifton - Greg Otto

    Estate Administration Timeline

    for a Maryland Estate



    Date of Death (DoD)


    Petition for Probate (PP) – This filing can happen any time depending on what is best for the estate.  In Maryland, the PP accompanies the original Will and is delivered along with it to the Register of Wills for the jurisdiction in which the decedent resided.  This process is often known colloquially as “probating the Will.”


    One month


    Two months


    Three months


    - From date of PP: Inventory (a list of the date-of-death value of all assets owned solely by the decedent at death) & Information Report (a reporting of certain assets that pass outside of a Will, such as joint property, trusts, IRAs and gifts) must be filed with the Register of Wills.


    Four months


    Five months


    Six months


    - From DoD: Statutory limitation on creditors’ claims expires.  For the most part claims against the decedent submitted after this date are forever barred.


    Seven months


    Eight months


    Nine months


    - From DoD: Federal and/or Maryland Estate Tax Return due, if required.  The Internal Revenue Service and the Maryland Comptroller have 3 years from the date of this filing to either accept the return as filed or to take exception to it.


    - From date of PP: First Administration Account must be filed with Register of Wills. Following the first filing, Administration Accounts will be due every subsequent 6 months until the Estate is closed. An Administration Account is a to-the-penny accurate reporting of all collections, disbursements, sales, redemptions, distributions and retentions in the Estate.



    Ten months


    Eleven months:


    Twelve months


    One year plus 3 ½ months following the month of death and every fiscal year thereafter – Federal & Maryland Fiduciary Income Tax Returns are due.  Like individuals, Estates are considered to be income taxpayers and must file these annual returns until the Estate is closed.

    Clifton - Greg Otto